Need a website that doesn't blow the budget?

Value for money

Many people spend big on complex websites they don't really need. Then spend even more editing and maintaining them. If you are looking for a clean, modern website at a fraction of the cost of hiring a web developer, then Webba is here for you.

No coding needed, no stress

We handle all coding of your webpage, all maintenance of the server and all editing of your content. So you can sit back and relax knowing we have it covered.
Plus if you ever need us we are just an email away.


Beautifully Modern Sites

we take pride in every site

Here is a Webba site on a laptop & mobile device. No matter what device your visitor uses, they will be given a flawless and memorable experience.

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Expertly Designed

Webba sites are professionally designed with the latest technology. Our templates are flexible across many industries and we handle all the coding.

Search engine Optimised

Webba sites appear on search engines such as Google & Yahoo. Constantly optimized to maximise your online search presence.

Responsive layouts

Webba sites are responsive on all computers, mobile phones & tablets. So your site will look great on all devices no matter the size of screen.

Dedicated Support

Webba provides personal support for your website directly to your inbox. Ask us anything, anytime. We will change your site whenever you need us to.

Website Statistics

Need to know how many people have visited your site? We provide a login so you can view all your key stats.

Built for Performance

Fast servers. Fast Service. Fast support. Everything is fast on Webba so there's no waiting around. Plus our code is constantly being optimised.


  • Planning

    Decide your domain name, write a little bit of text and tell us about your services.

  • Setup

    Send us your plan and logo, We then setup your website on a template based on your industry.

  • GO Live

    Before you know it we will put your website live online for all of your visitors to view!

  • Editing

    Need to change something? No problem, just contact us and we will get it done asap.


Stay in control & view your website statistics

All Webba clients receive a login to their own control panel. From here you can edit details of your sites, check emails and view how many visitors you have had.

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People love Webba

"I now have a website!"

Special thanks to Mike for setting up my new website, I have needed one for a long time and Webba was a perfect fit for me.

Dan Clarke - United States


I didn't need a complex website, just something nice and neat to provide information on the business. Webba is perfect for me.

Jon Russel - United Kingdom


We needed a small website for our restaurant, it was quick and easy to get setup on Webba. Plus it is fantastic value for money.

Mark Anderson - United Kingdom

Webba Pricing

Webba sites are excellent value. You pay a flat set up fee and monthly hosting fee. We also offer add ons as listed below. Subscriptions can be cancelled any time or paid yearly.

facebook management
twitter management
Need a bit extra? (£5/month each)

Per Month

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plus £149 set up fee

Sounds good right?

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions not answered below

  • How do I signup?

    Simply complete our on line signup form and your dedicated website manager will contact you to finalise set up. Your website will then be registered, set up and launched online.

  • What will my site look like?

    Our templates are designed to suit all types of industry. You can expect it to look first class with features specific to your trade. For example our Plumbers template will contain your logo, about text, services, testimonials, picture gallery & contact sections. Your site will be quite like this one you are on now!

  • How much does it cost?

    A monthly subscription + initial set up fee. Please see our packages for more information.

  • What domain can I have?

    We recommend a for UK sites and .com if you are branching further out. Can't decide what to have? We can help choose.

  • What's included in the price?

    The setup fee covers the build of the website, designers time and domain name. The monthly subscription covers the hosting and maintenance of the website.

Are you online?

If you don't have a website then you are potentially missing out on a large amount of customers and clients. But websites are not just for business and professional use. Many individuals have websites to cover their hobbies, such as photographers, musicians and artists.

We even make websites for personal occasions, such as weddings.

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